X40 Pro Firmware

Weedo X40 Firmware for professional users (X40 PRO)

Actually, the plan for the X40 network assignment became to use the unique Weedo firmware. Since Weedo has still no longer launched a great firmware after greater than 6 months of waiting, I did it myself. The X40 community firmware is only used to perform the printer with an unique Cura and the X40 network Cura configuration. It may additionally consequently now not be feasible to apply the Weedo Slicer with this firmware.

The use of the network firmware is at your own hazard. There is no legal responsibility in anyway for any harm!  Printer and Release designation

To make it clean that this is a special firmware for a Weedo X40 with the X40 network cooling machine for the Ultimaker Cura Slicer, the device is displayed as X40V1 PRO or X40V2 PRO BMG. See Machine facts at the printer.

X40 PRO definition

  • Weedo X40V1 or X40V2 printer

  • X40-Community Firmware (X40 PRO)

  • X40-Community cooling system

  • X40 PRO Cura configuration for Ultimaker Cura (with go with the flow calibration and linear advanced for perfect dimensions and surfaces) 
  • X40-Community Cura Script for printer preview picture

X40 PRO BMG definition

  • X40 PRO definition and BMG Extruder improve with X40 PRO BMG firmware

    The BMG firmware variation can not be used together with the Weedo X40 extruder because the direction of rotation of the proper extruder has been reversed for the BMG! The variety of functions is equal to the standard version for the Weedo extruder. With Slicer, no alternate is important for the BMG version. Use the Ultimaker Cura Weedo X40 PRO configuration.

The firmware model can also be used with Wiibuilder. If necessary, the Weedo PID values and extruder calibration have to be used. 

In order to be able to recognize the software status, the discharge variety is given as follows:

Weedo Release. X40 PRO Community Release =>

  X40 PRO / X40 PRO BMG firmware advanced feature

(Optimized firmware for unique Ultimaker Cura)

  • Heating failed error has been constant by using converting settings
  • Auto bed leveling has been optimized
  • Waiting over the print object whilst changing the extruder has been constant with new M922 and M923 instructions (hassle only while using Ultimaker Cura). The nozzle now waits inside the park position and the nozzle is wiped clean with the aid of moving it left and right over the brush. With the M922 you could transfer off the filament pre extrusion and use a prime tower.

  • Z toddler steps in 0.02mm steps instead of zero.05mm
  • Speed settings are adjustable from 25% to 400%
  • Filament type selection has been increased and provided with temperature data. Filament feed pace has been reduced.
  • Z offset steps are now feasible in 0.04 mm steps. After putting the Z offset, the print head now moves back to the park function.
  • Default feedrate computer virus constant

  • At the request of a few users, the G2/G3 command has been enabled.

    To use the road pieces must be transformed to an arc. You can use the Cura plugin or Octopi to try this. According to the Marlin changelog, diverse adjustments had been made to the G2/G3 command after the Marlin model used by Weedo. Among other things, a division with the aid of zero has been constant. It is therefore possible that the printer hangs because of the G2/G3 instructions.

    If you want to have the mistakes constant, you may send me a corresponding patch.
  • Accurate and better prints by way of using Linear Advance are possible. The Cura Engineering printing profiles from the Weedo X40 PRO configuration are geared up with the corresponding K-factors. Currently most effective the AddNorth printing profiles help Linear Advance.

  • The M0 command for a pause has been integrated (only works thru the MicroSD card!). With the assist of the pause characteristic you could e.g. embed a nut for a blind hole thread.
  • The display of firmware parameters has been multiplied
  • The firmware parameter backup function has been improved. All important printer parameters are actually stored at the MicroSD card. The statistics should be sponsored up earlier than every firmware replace.

  • German translation has been revised
  • The BMG version permits using a BMG extruder, which generates considerably more electricity and the filament now not slips via or the nozzle does no longer clog as quick. Due to the equipment ratio at the extruder, the filament may be guided extra precisely and the printing end result is stepped forward.
  • The printer self-test is now disabled via default and can be re-enabled if required.
  • The XYZ axis has been calibrated, making an allowance for extra correct prints. AddNorth E-PLA become used as reference fabric (flow 100%). With all different Cura printing profiles, the waft can be adjusted in order that an accurate elements comes out. Please calibrate the Weedo X40 printer for accurate prints.


X40 PRO is meant for expert customers along with mechanical hunajatehdas.net engineers, designers, model maker and skilled users who need to apply Ultimaker Cura with the Weedo X40.

3D printing novices need to first use the Weedo X40 with the Stock Firmware 1.2.5 or newer and the Weedo Cura to learn how to print and use Cura properly. A direct access into X40 PRO can crush novices, on account that e.g. a printer calibration is needed to reap suitable print results. Installation 

To set up the X40 network firmware, you need a PC with a Windows running system. Download the firmware and flashing software. Unzip the flashing software program and set up the CH341 motive force. Connect the PC and printer with a appropriate USB cable. Turn on the printer and begin the flashing software. Open the firmware record, click on on Update and begin uploading the firmware. Wait until the printer has restarted earlier than remaining the software. In order as a way to use the authentic Weedo firmware again, you need to import the firmware X40_V1.2.0_Community_to_Official.bin inside the equal way. Copy the flash.wfm report to the microSD card and to the replace once more. It is now feasible to update the Weedo firmware through the microSD card again. 

Weedo X40 Hardware Version

In model 1, the Y-rails result in front of the control panel. With version 2 the Y-rails give up above the manage panel, see image.

  • X40 V1: The first mass manufacturing version (Kickstarter Version). The production time is from November 2020 to June 2021.
  • X40 V2: The 2nd manufacturing model. The production batch start from July 2021. The period inside the Y-axis course has been shortened. The Y-axis coordinate has been modified from (-2,310) to (-11,303).

If the BMG Extruder improve is mounted, then an X40 PRO BMG firmware variation need to be use. With the BMG variation, no longer best the E-Steps for the equipment ratio are adjusted, but also the direction of rotation due to the reflected extruders. Download

From now on, the present day X40 PRO firmware can most effective be downloaded as an X40 network member. The provider needed to be decreased because of a lack of donations.

Before updating the firmware, please check the statistics in your printer :

  • Device Name: X40, X40V1, X40 PRO or X40V1 PRO or X40V1 PRO BMG=> Hardware Version 1
  • Device Name: X40V2 or X40V2 PRO or X40V2 PRO BMG=> Hardware Version 2

Please use an appropriate firmware model for your hardware, in any other case it may be broken! Support best for X40 Community member!

Weedo X40 V1 PRO (with default Weedo Extruder)

  • Weedo X40 Flashing Software and Driver (Only for Windows)
  • X40 V1 PRO Firmware (best for X40-Community member)
  • X40 V1 PRO Firmware 1.2.five.5 (only for X40-Community member)
  • X40 V1 PRO Firmware 1.2.five.four (most effective for X40-Community member)
  • X40V1_1.2.5_Community_to_Official Firmware (Only required if you want to exchange back to the Weedo 1.2.five stock firmware) 
  • X40_V1.2.0_Community_to_Official Firmware (Only required in case you need to switch again to the Weedo 1.2.zero stock firmware) 

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