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    Each Cisco Meraki product has a minimum firmware version that it is able to run which may not constantly healthy up with what the dashboard community is configured for. Therefore the node will run the minimum firmware it’s miles capable of running, which may be better than the community configured firmware. This article will listing each presently supported MR, MS, and MX product and the minimal firmware they are able to run.

    Additionally, some gadgets that have reached stop-of-sale may additionally have most guide firmware versions. The node will now not be able to run firmware versions newer or higher than the indicated most model.

    This article will now not consist of the MV products due to the fact they do not have a minimum product firmware model more latest than what’s to be had in dashboard, so it is no longer prone to same same situations but. 

    Note: Meraki recommends checking the Organization > Firmware Upgrades page to confirm which firmware model your community is going for walks, in place of relating to the available firmware messages that may be presented for each individual tool. The Firmware Upgrades page is the first-class method to ensure you’ve got the most current build.MR

    As of 2020, there is a separate minimum firmware model this is wanted for you to hook up with the Meraki dashboard.  To see those firmware requirements, please see the Security Expiration 2020 FAQ.ProductMinimum Runnable FirmwareMaximum Runnable Firmware





    MR66MR 20MR 26



    MR34MR 22MR 26


    MR72MR 23MR 26




    MR84MR 24Current



    MR74MR 25.1Current




    MR70MR 26Current


    MR55MR 26.3Current






    MR86MR 26.7CurrentMR44MR 27.5CurrentMR36HMR 28.5CurrentMR57MR 28.6.1Current

    Warning: Please ensure that MR44 is connected to an 802.3at-succesful (PoE+) transfer/power injector at some stage in the initial set up OR make certain that the community the MR44 is introduced to is ready to MR 27.6 or more moderen firmware.

    This is due to the fact the default MR44 firmware image has assist for the low-power mode, however, MR 27.five/27.5.1 or lower firmware does not have low electricity mode guide. Using 802.3af switch/energy injector with MR44 set to 27.5/27.5.1 or decrease firmware would possibly result in surprising behaviors together with however no longer constrained to reboots or degraded performance. 

    Due to the reasons said above, please do now not downgrade the network with MR44 APs to 27.five/27.5.1 or decrease firmware if they’re being powered on by using 802.3af (PoE) transfer/energy injector.MSProductMinimum Runnable Firmware

    MS425MS 8MS355MS 11MS450MS 11MS390MS eleven.29.1

    MS420s which might be upgraded to MS 8.five or higher can not downgrade lower back to MS five.thirteen.

    ** MS210 and MS225 gadgets replaced as a result of Proactive Replacement can best run MS 10.35 and better.MXProductMinimum Runnable FirmwareMaximum Runnable Firmware

    MX600MX 10MX 16MX100MX 10Current

    MX68/W/CWMX 14.32, MX 15.11CurrentZ3CMX 14.33, MX 15.11Current

    MX105MX16.9CurrentMGProductRunnable Firmware

    *** Z1s, MX60/Ws, MX80s and MX90s cannot improve to MX 15 firmware, or any newer most important launch versions. If networks containing those gadgets are configured to run more recent firmware revisions, they’ll run the most modern MX 14 maintenance launch as an alternative.  

    **** The Z3 once up to date to MX 14.31 or 15.eight and beyond will not be able to run any older firmware than MX 14.31 or 15.8.

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