Merlin Version For Rt-ax56u? Original Firmware Is

I’m seeking out the set up record for Asus Merlin here:

Alternative firmware for Asus wireless routers

1. I choose Release in preference to Beta, accurate?

2. When checking for the contemporary firmware, I even have the ultra-modern:

Which .zip report inside the list do I download to match the unique firmware? The one called

Thanks earlier!

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1. Yes

2. You do not “fit” the authentic firmware. The contemporary Merlin firmware is 386.7_2.

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1. Yes

2. You do not “suit” the unique firmware. The today’s Merlin firmware is 386.7_2.

Welcome to the boards @crossbar.

1. Yes, choose the Release folder.

2. You do not fit what the inventory firmware is.RMerlin firmware replaces the inventory firmware.

The file you want is https://sourceforge.internet/projects/asuswrt-merlin/documents/RT-AX56U/Release/ load

Be sure you do a full reset to manufacturing unit defaults after you flash the firmware you need to use.

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset respond.

Not sure I comply with the whole reset aspect. Do I reset the router to factory default after I installation the merlin software?

Actually what I did earlier than I joined this discussion board, I did a manufacturing facility reset as regular, then I installation the whole thing at from the start, and in a single step I turned into requested to improve to the state-of-the-art legitimate firmware:, which I did. And now I’m here.

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And yes, reset absolutely, after you flash the firmware, you want to apply.

Right now, you’ve got accomplished it backward.But that may match, for some time.

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And yes, reset fully, after you flash the firmware, you need to use.

Right now, you’ve got completed it backward.But that may match, for a while.

Can I ask why we need to make a manufacturing unit reset after merlin set up, what is the motive? Sounds like we won’t be able to pass again to manufacturing unit reset with authentic firmware even supposing we wanted to, in the future?

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A manufacturing unit reset does not placed the firmware the router shipped with back on it.

What it does is it lets in the currently hooked up firmware to use the defaults and variables it expects. And not be blending up old/obsolete defaults/variables from the formerly established/flashed firmware(s).

And sure, a few firmware does restriction if you can flash an older firmware at the router, afterwards. Be positive to read launch notes absolutely!

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A factory reset does not put the firmware the router shipped with lower back on it.

What it does is it lets in the presently set up firmware to apply the defaults and variables it expects. And now not be mixing up vintage/out of date defaults/variables from the formerly mounted/flashed firmware(s).

And sure, a few firmware does restriction if you could flash an older firmware at the router, afterwards. Be sure to read release notes absolutely!

So if I recognize correcty: Let’s say I buy RT-AX56U and config it for the primary time, deploy it with authentic firmware shipped with it, firmware When I then upgrade the unique firmware at to, after which make a manufacturing unit reset, it doesn’t revert lower back lower back to unique firmware, however it remains at 2.0.0? So this “factory reset” isn’t always essential an actual factory reset, extra of a clearing out antique/out of date configurations?

I’m surely new to this so sorry if I battle to apprehend.

In the readme-record for Merlin firmware is 386.7_2, it says:

Simply flash it like several normal replace.You need to now not need to

reset to factory defaults (see notice below for exceptions).

You can revert again to an unique Asus firmware at any time simply

by means of flashing a firmware downloaded from Asus’s website.

If the firmware upgrade fails, strive rebooting your router to loose

up sufficient memory, without any USB disk plugged in,

then attempt flashing it again.

NOTE: resetting to manufacturing facility default after flashing is

strongly encouraged for the subsequent instances:

– Updating from a firmware version that is greater than three releases older

– Switching from a Tomato/DD-WRT/OpenWRT firmware

None of it makes feel to me, sadly.

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None of it makes sense to me, sadly.

Install the firmware, reset the firmware to its default settings, after which configure it from scratch.

Later you may replace/flash the firmware to newer firmware and hold on going for walks.But if bizarre issues stand up, you could need to reset the firmware to its default settings, after which configure it from scratch.

The default settings include the firmware, however they’re now not configured as such until the firmware is reset, which also wipes out person settings and the complete current configuration.

Forget the unlucky time period factory defaults.

Reset FAQ

Reset button/webUI Restore/node removal – clears settings in NVRAM; reboot restores fw defaults from CFE (fw defaults)

Hard Reset thru WPS button/webUI Restore+Initialize also clears statistics logged in /jffs partition (fw defaults+clean logs)

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@crossbar, yes, accurate.It will not positioned your instance back to firmware will live on the firmware degree it’s far flashed to (version 2.0 for your instance).And will permit the firmware to apply the predicted defaults the new firmware is looking for.

Note this doesn’t harm the router in any manner.What it does do is provide you with the self assurance that you’re virtually trying out the new functions/fixes the brand new firmware can also offer.Rather than any interference/incompatibilities, the vintage settings may motive (due to distinct processes to doing the equal issue, higher, at the routing and/or wired/wi-fi stage).

For instance, Option ‘A’ inside the antique firmware may default to ‘off’, but the new firmware calls for it ‘on’.Note that this putting won’t be seen as a togglable option in the GUI, either.The alternate may be for overall performance motives, protection motives, or a trade to deal with new hardware coming soon.In any case, appearing a Hard Reset as I furnished within the hyperlink above will supply the router the satisfactory risk to perform because it turned into designed to (with the brand new firmware that was just hooked up).A very last word, when I say ‘new’ firmware here, it can additionally be when the router is flashed to older firmware too.

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