Launch – Asus Rt-ax88u Firmware Model (2022/08/30)

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2022/08/30 sixty four.27 MBytes

ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware model three.0.0.four.388.20518

1. Fixed WAN link aggregation UI trouble.

2. Improved AiMesh balance.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.

MD5: a21d19935e3531d5da01ec853b3bf690

I even have up to date over GUI whilst caused approximately the supply of the brand new update. Appears to be working OK for the remaining 10 mins

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I have such a lot of customizations of the modern-day code – is there a way to “gracefully migrate” to the brand new code?

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Download the firmware you’re currently using.Create a backup config file of the cutting-edge settings.Also, shop a duplicate of the JFFS partition.Store those in a secure vicinity.

Flash the new firmware.Monitor your network, and make unique tests as you deem important.Only After the new firmware has been jogging for as a minimum 15 mins, the router has been rebooted, then left going for walks once more for at least an hour, then rebooted (and allowed to completely reboot ~10+ minutes) yet again, might I be trying out.

If any problems rise up, and googling for those troubles does not remedy them in a well timed way, the most direct course to a stable router/community ought to be a complete reset at that factor.Or, use the backup documents you created above to get the network again to wherein it’s miles now.

Depending on how complicated your customizations are presently, and whether the brand new code nevertheless supports (fully) the ones customizations, you can have clean crusing or you can not.

The most effective way to understand is with the aid of doing the above (and right here, I’m assuming the brand new firmware itself isn’t always recommending a full reset after it’s miles installed either (within the release notes).

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I noticed my router flashing the yellow exclamation mark so I started out the replace and came right here to examine approximately it.

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Steady Pom pi pi – for my Singaporean friend.

It might be interesting to look whether Merlin can get more than concurrent WireGuard connections out of 388.x or whether this is a few type of h/w limitation.

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After the new firmware has been walking for at the least 15 minutes, the router has been rebooted, then left walking again for at the least an hour, then rebooted (and allowed to absolutely reboot ~10+ minutes) all over again, would I be testing.

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Flash the brand new firmware. Monitor your community, and make unique tests as you deem vital. Only After the new firmware has been jogging for at least 15 mins, the router has been rebooted, then left walking once more for as a minimum an hour, then rebooted (and allowed to completely reboot ~10+ minutes) over again, would I be trying out.

I’m sorry, however that is entire nonsense.Users do not need to attend an HOUR after flashing a router to start the usage of and trying out it.The flash + reboot might be completed inside five-7 minutes, and that’s which include a probable one minute postpone for DFS channel checking out if you are the usage of DFS channels.There is truely nothing the firmware does that would take an hour, now not even 10 minutes.The only time in 10+ years that Asuswrt wished a protracted time frame following an improve turned into the notification center database improve around the time of the 384 to 386 upgrade.

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Of path, what I supposed to write down is to check it once more (if needed) another time then.

Sorry for the mistyping.It sounds correct in my local language.

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Honestly this rings a bell in my memory of cooking.

Everyone on SNBforums has their own recipes for cooking, a few recipes are taken into consideration homey, a few are very unpalatable.

Maybe customers will be interested by a certain recipe, perhaps now not, but the suitable factor is that we have quite a few “furnitures” which can provide clients with unique alternatives.

Factory reset after every replace is what I’ve seen the maximum here, and I can say that it does solve the trouble in a few instances, as most newbies don’t certainly find bugs inside the firmware. greater instances are issues due to fallacious configuration, reset gave them a hazard to start over.

Reset, reboot, backup, flash, format JFFS, or just improve, we’ve got so many methods to make our routers scrumptious.

That’s why I love SNBforums, every senior member attempts to help individuals who’re having troubles in something way they see suit, despite the fact that some of the strategies are every now and then overkill or not necessary, however they may be all enthusiastic and committed to make it beneficial and clear up issues.

I do not like eating the equal food all the time, and to be sincere, if it’s the stop of the world, then my biggest fear is ingesting the equal cans every day, if you want to make me want to die.

So, preserve your manner, you all do a top notch activity, simply, and your dishes helped me once I turned into a new member, I mean all of you, so thanks men, hold doing it.

At the cease of the sector, I’ll be in a bunker I built myself, ingesting the routers you cook, now not the equal cans.

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I have updated over GUI when caused approximately the provision of the new replace. Appears to be working OK for the ultimate 10 minutes

Did you perform the update over wi-fi, or a wired connection?

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Did you perform the replace over wi-fi, or a wired connection?


  • For this specific improve I did from my MacBookPro that has Ethernet connection, I login to the router to do Firmware test & improve.
  • In the beyond I have additionally sometimes did the Firmware Check and Upgrade from my iOS Asus Router App
  • As the Upgrade is performed from the Asus Router, I thought it must not be counted if MacBookPro or iPhone is hooked up wirelessly.

Not certain if that solutions your query.

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Only a firmware restoration requires a stressed connection.

I had been doing firmware updates wirelessly for years – in no way had a trouble.

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Did you carry out the update over wireless, or a stressed out connection?

I prefer uploading checked(sum) firmware from a PC stressed to the router LAN, all on a UPS… I figure this is the most control and least chance of some thing disrupting a flash process that have to no longer be disrupted.And when bizarre things appear like they ultimately do irrespective of the add approach, I’m fairly assured it has some thing to do with the router hardware/firmware and not anything to do with the upload method, and can continue from there.

And considering a firmware reset is regularly completed later on for a clean set up, I do not must mess with reconnecting to default WiFi.

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Over the past ten years, I must have flashed firmwares over wifi near 100 instances, with none hassle.

Keep in thoughts that the flashing procedure only starts offevolved once the upload is completed, and that report receives checked earlier than being written to flash.So if some thing passed off during the wi-fi transfer, then the firmware will no longer be written to flash.

In short: flashing over wifi is flawlessly safe.

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I usually down load the firmware and manually flash it via a stressed connection, first time flashing over wi-fi was a whole lot quicker I think I will stick with that for future updates.

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