Firmware Version 1.1.0 Launch

How To Install:Updating via USBYou’ll do an replace via USB the use of the subsequent steps:Copy the blue .bz2 document under onto a usb stick (it ought to be formatted as fats 32 or ntsf). Click the flyout menu (three bars on pinnacle left), fashionable, beneath firmware click ‘UPLOAD’. Select the 1.0.9 document.If you’re on firmware 1.0.eight or lower, it may ask for a password.the password to replace will either be Buildbotics or Onefinity

Updating via the Internet:If you already have and under and are linked to the internet and feature automobile updates on, a pop up will tell you that there’s an update and the device will replace robotically through the internet.If you already have and underneath and are related to the net and do NOT have car updates enabled, go to Click the flyout menu (3 bars on pinnacle left), trendy, and below firmware click upgrade.

New Features:

  • Wi-Fi is completely rewritten. The communicate now suggests a Wi-Fi browser, with a listing of Wi-Fi signals the controller sees, a Wi-Fi icon that shows how strong it’s receiving the signal (3 bars is strong, 2 is medium, 1 is week).

  • Screen rotation is now at the settings page and could consider upon reboot. Flip your display one hundred eighty°.

  • The Settings page now lets in the person to set the time and time area.

  • GCode Files up to 1GB are now supported, and development is displayed throughout upload.

  • Added Native help for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Logitech F710.

  • Improved joypad support. All modes of the EasySMX joypad (wi-fi/stressed out) will function X,Y and Z movement.

  • Increased joypad dead zone for much less ‘stick flow’

  • Selected objects on the manipulate web page now highlight in blue.

  • Added pics in the course of probing to better indicate how to do the probing process.

  • Z raises 25mm after probing Z only (up from 3mm).

User Interface Improvements:

  • Rewrote GUI in extra updated program for better clarity and configuration on the backend and responsiveness.

  • Removed ‘devices dropdown’ from settings pages as it changed into redundant.

  • Renamed ‘Units’ to ‘Display Units’ on manipulate web page. This placing simplest changes how the units are displayed at the manage page.

  • Completely rewritten ‘probe’ procedure/popup.

  • Removed Access Point potential to improve Wi-Fi capability.

  • Added ‘Shutting Down’ splash display screen. Removed ‘code view’ at some stage in boot up and close down (preventing new customers from the fear they’d while the phrases ‘kernel panic’ showed at the display screen)

  • MDI now tells you what devices your controller is in (no longer show devices). Switching devices is now carried out thru MDI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for ‘stuck in walking state’ whilst inputs are pressed too soon when the use of the play/pause/stop buttons. It should now not get stuck in ‘strolling’ country.

  • Improved uploading documents with ordinary names

  • Fixed the lengthy/gradual movement worm in which the system would fail lengthy and sluggish moves.

  • Fixed the “stick flow” trouble with a few gamepads

  • Screen resolution is now accurate on all supported monitors, and behaves efficiently if the display is -plugged in after the controller has began.

  • Older controllers with a “toggle” fashion strength transfer not show “kernel panic” at shutdown.*Switched from disk-based totally change to zram-based totally switch, to extend the lifespan of the controller sd-card

  • Many minor computer virus fixes new-release/15141

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