Ewon Technical Guide – Firmware

Latest Ewon firmware version Check hunajatehdas.net the discharge word

The OS of your Ewon tool

The firmware of an Ewon tool is much like the OS going for walks on your computer.

By making sureyour Ewon device is walking the state-of-the-art firmware, you get the assurance that:

  • Your Ewon tool is included in opposition to the ultra-modern recognised security threats.
  • You get yours palms on the contemporary capabilities.
  • The trendy recognised insects had been fixed.

Update made smooth

If you own an Ewon Cosy+, you can benefit from the on line firmware update.

This feature is a part of the Ewon Cosy+’s internet interface which proposes a menu link labeled as “Firmware Update”.

This firmware update through the web interface permits you to either:

  • Activate the automated firmware update.

    The Ewon Cosy+ will take a look at each 24h (or after a reboot) if a new firmware is available.
  • Manually update your Ewon Cosy+

    You can allow the Ewon Cosy+ replace its firmware all by its own without activating the automatic replace function.

Update via eBuddy

eBuddy is an Ewon application that enables you control the firmware of your Ewon tool.

We take into account eBuddy to be the excellent answer for the following upgrade case:

  • You have a unmarried or only a few Ewons to improve, on hand domestically or thru a Talk2M connection;

In maximum cases, an Internet connection is wanted to retrieve the modern-day firmware variations from our servers. Manual Update

You can also carry out the Ewon firmware update your self:

  • by way of shifting the firmware to the FTP server of your Ewon device with the assist of your favored FTP customer software.
  • by way of putting an SD card or USB flash force, which contains the firmware, for your Ewon device. This answer requires an on-website presence.
  • with the aid of using eBuddy whilst the firmware version record is already to be had on the computer acting the upgrade.

We bear in mind the manual replace to be the pleasant solution for the subsequent update cases:

  • You have a number of Ewon gadgets to upgrade, and would love to perform the improve in a batch

    => SD card or USB flash drive.
  • You wish to improve straight to the modern day model without going thru each fundamental version in among (e.g.: v11 straight to v14)

    => SD card or USB flash pressure
  • The improve is completed through someone who’s neighborhood and has little/no experience with the Ewon

    => SD card or USB flash pressure.
  • You have an upgrade to carry out to a firmware version which isn’t the today’s one (e.g.: v14.0s0 to fourteen.2s0)

    => FTP connection.

Scripting upgrade for Flexy gadgets

This automated update concerns simplest the Ewon Flexy as this update procedure is finished via BASIC scripting. It is recommended for advanced customers.

The script retrieves the firmware report from the reputable Ewon website and installs it on your Ewon Flexy.

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