Cisco U.s.a.firmware Versioning

This record explains the way to interpret UCS firmware version statistics and perceive additives of the united statesfirmware.

The Cisco UCS firmware is delivered in these approaches:

  • The UCS images are shipped as a unmarried package deal or as character aspect pictures, which encompass the united statesManager, UCS Fabric Interconnect, IO module, BMC, BIOS, adapter, and many others.

  • The UCS firmware is hosted on the Cisco Software Delivery System.

  • UCS Manager unpacks the bundle and updates the image catalog saved on the switch.

  • The UCS Manager maintains a catalog of all the thing pix stored on the switch.

  • Only one model of every factor is shipped in any bundle. Component pictures for more than one hardware systems with UCS are protected inside the identical package.

  • Each aspect photograph is versioned and patron seen. You can upgrade every issue image one after the other, furnished that it’s far compatible.

The UCS firmware is available in methods, either in a bundle or in man or woman photos:

  • The package deal includes a package for every element that calls for firmware.

  • Currently there are 3 bundles to track:

    • .bin—ordinary package deal

    • .gbin—package deal with debug records; engineering told only

    • dplug—dplug record that lets in root get entry to to the NX-OS; engineering advised only

  • Individual images

  • PrerequisitesRequirements

    Cisco recommends that you have a operating knowledge of these:

    • The Cisco UCS Server Blade software and hardware

    • The effect and implications of the one-of-a-kind instructions described on this file

    • The UCS additives and topology; confer with the community diagram for an ordinary solution.

    Ensure which you meet those requirements earlier than you attempt this configuration:Components Used

    The facts in this record is primarily based on Cisco UCS.

    The information on this report was comprised of the devices in a particular lab environment. All of the gadgets used in this document started out with a default configuration. If your network is stay, make sure that you recognize the capacity effect of any command.Network Diagram

    A traditional Cisco UCS topology seems much like this:

    Refer to the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for greater statistics on document conventions.Configure1. UCS Firmware Version Information

    This section describes the united statesfirmware version layout.NX-OS

    The NX-OS version numbers adhere to the same old Cisco layout. For example, 4.0(zero)N1.1.Other UCS Components

    Other UCS additives adhere to the standard software program layout (X.Y.Z). For instance, 1.0.0.

    • X is a main version/release. It is used for most important characteristic releases or architectural adjustments

    • Y is a minor version/release.

    • Z is a computer virus fix model/launch.

    2. The UCS Firmware Package

    The picture represents a chunk of firmware that is precise to an cease point. For instance, IOM photograph, BMC picture, etc. Multiple Images are bundled together to shape a package deal. A bundle is meant best for ease of distribution and download. Unlike the photograph, a bundle does now not have a version. The UCS supervisor lets in the down load of each the bundle and man or woman pics. If you down load a package deal, it’s miles unpacked, and the man or woman photographs are extracted from it. A bundle is a study-simplest item that is created whilst it’s far downloaded. A package deal does not occupy any disk area. It represents a list of photographs that have been unpacked as a part of the package deal download. A package can’t be deleted. It is deleted robotically whilst all of the images that got here with it are deleted. When an individual picture is downloaded, the bundle name is same as the photo name.

    Images which can be in a bundle:

    • Fabric-Interconnect Kernel and System pictures

    • Adapter firmware – network dealing with (Cisco UCS CNA M71KR , Cisco UCS VIC M81KR )

    • Adapter firmware – host going through (applicable for Cisco UCS CNA M71KR adapter best)

      • Emulex firmware

    • BIOS

    three. The UCS Firmware Bundle Overview

    In order to look a UCS firmware package, whole these steps:

  • Log into the USAManager.

  • Click the Equipment tab on the Navigation pane.

  • Click the Firmware Management tab on the Work pane.

  • Click Package below the Firmware Management tab.

  • Click the specific firmware package.

    These illustrate the firmware components within each bundle:

    •—IO Module photo

    • usa6100-k9-kickstart.4.0.1a.N2.1.1e.bin—UCS Fabric Interconnect Kickstart Image

    • u.s.6100-k9-gadget.4.0.1a.N2.1.1e.bin—UCS Fabric Interconnect System Image

    • americab200-m1-bios.S5500.86B.01.00.0036-191.061320091126.bin—UCS-B200-M1 Blade BIOS

    • united states of americab200-m1-k9-bmc.1.0.1e.bin—Blade BMC Image

    • united states of americab200-m1-sasctlr.—LSI Logic SAS Controller Image

    • united—Cisco UCS CNA M71KR -Emulex CNA Image

    • u.s.m71kr-e-hba.2.80A4.bin—Cisco UCS CNA M71KR -Emulex HBA Image

    • united statesm71kr-e-optionrom.five.03A8.bin—Cisco UCS CNA M71KR -Emulex Option ROM Image

    •—Cisco UCS CNA M71KR -Qlogic CNA Image

    • u.s.m71kr-q-optionrom.2.02.bin—Cisco UCS CNA M71KR -Qlogic Option ROM Image

    • united states of americamanager-k9.1.0.1e.bin—UCS GUI Image

  • 4.1 The UCS 6100 Fabric Interconnect Firmware

    This is an picture of the usFabric Interconnect firmware:

    Kickstart Image—u.s.6100-k9-kickstart.4.0.1a.N2.1.1e.bin

  • System Image—united states6100-k9-system.four.0.1a.N2.1.1e.bin

  • 4.2 The UCS 2100 Firmware – IO Module

    This is a unmarried firmware photo—united states2100.1.0.1e.bin

    four.3 The UCS B Series Blade Firmware

    This is an photo of the U.S.B Series Blade firmware:

    BIOS—united states of americab200-m1-bios.S5500.86B.01.00.0036-191.061320091126.bin

  • BMC—

  • LSI SAS Controller—usab200-m1-sasctlr.

  • 4.4 The UCS Adapter Cards Firmware

    • Cisco UCS 82598KR-CI Converged Network Adapter—No firmware

    • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR—Emulex

      • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR Emulex—

      • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR Emulex FC—americam71kr-e-hba.2.80A4.bin

      • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR Emulex Option ROM—united states of americam71kr-e-optionrom.5.03A8.bin

    • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR—Qlogic

      • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR Qlogic—usam71kr-q-cna.1.0.1e.bin

      • Cisco UCS CNA M71KR Qlogic Option ROM—usam71kr-q-optionrom.2.02.bin

    4.5 The UCS Manager Firmware

    This is an picture of the usManager firmware:

    UCS Manager—

    The code is living and runs at the UCS 6100. Verify

    There is currently no verification manner to be had for this configuration. Troubleshoot

    There is currently no precise troubleshooting information to be had for this configuration. Related Information

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